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Frequently asked questions.

What about vaccinations?

Although vaccinations are considered routine healthcare, it must be considered that by not vaccinating we may be risking compromised welfare in the future and further disease outbreaks that may be difficult to manage.

★ Some vaccinations will be deemed “priority vaccinations”. These include:

  • Puppy first, second and third (where applicable) vaccinations
  • First annual boosters

Since the Government’s announcement on 23/3/20, we will not be doing these vaccinations but instead recommending to owners that their puppies are kept inside and not exposed to other dogs. A vaccination course should be booked for as soon as possible after normal services resume. Should the Government lock down continue beyond the initial three week period outlined on 23/3/20 this will be reviewed on the basis of the animal welfare risk of having a large population of unvaccinated animals balanced against ongoing social distancing guidance. Vets will need to use their own clinical judgment where they need to vaccinate to protect animal welfare, for example in the event of a Parvovirus outbreak.

★ Adult boosters should not be given during the period 23/3/20 to 13/4/20. Guidance will be reviewed at this point on a risk analysis basis:

  • Note a booster may be given up to 3 months after the due date without requiring a restart.
  • Delay adult boosters for as long as is reasonably possible.
  • Consider the local risk in the area where the practice is based

What can you do to help?

During these unprecedented times it is your responsibility as a pet owner to help reduce risk to public health and protect your pet.

Do not socialise your dogs with other dogs during this time.

Do not let your dogs swim in rivers and lakes.

Keep your cats inside where possible

My puppy / cat does not have a microchip, does this need doing during this time?

The answer to this is no.

Microchips are not deemed urgent or emergency. If you are a breeder waiting to get puppies chipped before going to new homes, homing your puppies should be delayed until normal service resumes and microchipping can be done.

My pet requires a routine surgical procedure, can I book them in?

All routine procedures are being postponed. These are procedures where animal welfare will not be compromised by delaying the procedure. This also refers to dental procedures where the dental treatment is not required on an urgent basis (eg intense dental pain, abscessation).

Our vets are assessing all cases and having to make decisions on whether procedures are to be delayed. They will also be taking into account the potential length of the delay until the end of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This period of time is currently unknown.

Routine neutering will not be performed as this is not considered urgent or emergency.

What can you do to help?

We ask that owners act responsibly by keeping male dogs that have not been castrated on a lead and female dogs in season at home or on short lead walks to reduce the chance of accidental mating.

I have a pre booked appointment / surgical procedure, what will happen now?

This applies to pre-booked appointments, and new appointment requests

We will contact you and defer your appointment. Be aware, depending on government advice after 13/4/20 this could be further deferred if a vet deems it non urgent.

If when speaking to you, you have concerns regarding the health of your pet, you will be offered a video consultation £41.99 to discuss your pets health with one of our vets.

We will keep a list of all delayed appointments and ensure we keep in touch with you and contact you as soon as we are able to re-book your appointment. We will give further guidance at the end of the initial 3 week lock down period. At this time, this list will be reviewed in light of ongoing government guidance and staffing.

My pet needs more medication, what do I do?

If we have not seen your pet for 6 months or more the vet may require a video consultation with you to discuss how your pet is doing. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and is entirely within the veterinary professionals code of conduct to ensure they are comfortable and happy to dispense further medications. If, following the virtual clinical assessment it is in the best interest of the patient to prescribe further medication based on video consultation alone the vet will record their reasoning in the clinical notes on your pets record. These medications can then be paid for over the phone and posted out to you.

I think my pet requires urgent or emergency treatment, what should I do?

Example of cases deemed as true emergencies and examples include:

  • Patient not passing urine o Patient bleeding heavily
  • Patient struggling to breathe
  • Patient actively seizuring for over 2 minutes
  • Patient collapsed
  • Dystocia (difficulty giving birth)

If after a video consultation your vet recommends your pet requires urgent medical attention you will be asked to bring your pet to the practice.

Thank you

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your support. Your cooperation means our teams can provide care for your sick and injured pets for as long as possible.

To contact us call 01453 542092 - our phone lines are very busy currently.

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