Behaviour Training for Dogs and Cats

Dogs (and cats) who behave badly or display behavioural problems can be distressing and disruptive for the whole family.

We want all our owners to enjoy their pets and their pets to be happy and content.

We offer a range of services to help set new puppies on the right path and to offer advice when things aren’t going so well.

Common behavioural problems we are asked about regularly in practice include:

  • Aggression (may require referral)
  • Fears and phobias
  • House-soiling
  • Feline stress-related behaviours
  • Separation anxiety
  • Control problems in dogs
  • Inappropriate puppy and juvenile behaviours
  • Behaviour changes in senior pets
Behaviour Training for Dogs and Cats
Behaviour Training for Dogs and Cats

Puppy Parties

Prevention is always better than cure. Come along to our Puppy Party to give your new pet the best possible start. This gives you and your puppy the opportunity to come to the Vale Vets Practice, Dursley for a positive and fun time and to learn about settling into their new home, socialisation and training.

Different breeds of cat and dog have different temperaments and different needs and if these aren’t met this can lead to behavioural problems. Even before you get your new puppy or kitten, we advise thinking carefully about which breed will suit you and your family best. We can also give advice on how to find reliable breeders and what to look for when viewing the litter and other animals in the household.

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