Today (14th March, 2018) is...

Posted: 14th March 2018

Today (14th March, 2018) is...

No Smoking Day

Several studies have indicated that animals, too, face health risks when exposed to the toxins in second-hand smoke, from respiratory problems, allergies and even nasal and lung cancer in dogs and lymphoma in cats…

According to PDSA, different pets are affected in different ways by the effects of passive smoking.

Dogs are prone to smoking-related breathing problems and there are links between smoke and difficult-to-treat nasal and sinus cancers in longer nosed dogs. In cats, their grooming habits mean smoke lands on their fur and, as they groom, they lick off the cancer-causing chemicals, which can be a factor in the development of mouth cancers.

Cigarette smoke can also be harmful to pet birds and small pets - such as rabbits and guinea pigs - as they have very sensitive respiratory systems.

Today (14th March, 2018) is...

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