All thanks to Nachos...

Posted: 20th November 2018

Freda is a gorgeous 11 year old cat, who is only around to tell you her tale due to a generous donation of blood by a handsome cat called Nacho.

Freda lost a life threatening amount of blood when she sustained a nasty wound from an attack by a local cat, and failed to clot due to an extremely rare side effect of medication she was taking for her overactive thyroid.

Following a blood transfusion, a week of hospitalisation (during which she developed a huge fan base headed up by one of our nurses Hannah), and a thyroid removing surgery, Freda is at home and doing fantastically well.

There is no doubt that had it not been for Nacho’s blood this beautiful and sweet cat would no longer be with us.

We are very grateful to Nacho, his owner Nikki, and all of our other wonderful cats on our blood donation register.

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All thanks to Nachos...

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