What VN Do... Rhys Griffiths

Posted: 22nd May 2019

Name: Rhys Griffiths

Job: Night RVN

Time qualified: 3 years

Route taken: Degree

Favourite aspect of the job:

I love the emergency work and thrive in an emergency environment.

Additional qualifications?:

I am currently working towards my emergency and critical care certificate (CertVNECC) and take an exam in September to complete the course.

What do you do that most people wouldn’t know a vet nurse does?:

No two nights are the same, I could be nursing the in-patients, an anaesthetist for surgery, a radiographer taking x-rays or a midwife to a patient and her pups/kittens.

What’s the best part of your job:

When patients that have required intensive nursing care are well enough to go home, seeing their family’s faces when they collect them is priceless and a lovely sight to see.

What VN Do... Rhys Griffiths