Today it’s Dan’s turn.

Posted: 17th May 2019

Name: Daniel White

Job: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Time qualified: 1 year

What route of study did you take to qualification?:

BSc Veterinary Nursing Science, a 4 year degree at Hartpury University.

Do you have a favourite aspect of your job or an area of special interest?

I enjoy spending the majority of my time on nurse clinics, meeting clients and their pets and discussing topics such as preventative health, weight management, dental care and nutrition. My areas of interest are nutrition, dental nursing and dermatology.

Are you studying for a further qualification or do you plan to?

For the past year I have been studying small animal clinical nutrition. I am due to take exams in November 2019 , if I pass them I will become a veterinary nurse clinical nutritionist.

What do you do that most people wouldn’t know a vet nurse does?

I am tasked with managing our canine and feline blood donor register, ensuring the register is up to date and has a variety of blood donor types that are needed in case of emergency.

What’s the best part of your job?

  • Meeting puppies every month, watching them grow and develop.
  • Monitor overweight patients who successfully lose weight and reach their ideal weights.
  • Seeing underweight patients gain condition and muscle mass and how pleased their owners are when these objectives are achieved.
Today it’s Dan’s turn.