Flystrike is a very unpleasant

Posted: 9th August 2019

Flystrike is a very unpleasant condition where flies are attracted by the smell of faeces, urine, damp fur or wounds; it is commonly seen in rabbits, but can also affect dogs, cats and other small furries. The flies lay eggs on the skin surface which quickly hatch into maggots (within hours). The maggots then feed off the rabbit's flesh causing pain and distress to your pet, which can eventually lead to shock and death.

Please ring if you ever see maggots on your rabbit as this is an emergency condition.

You can help minimise risks by:

- keeping hutches and runs clean and dry
- checking rabbits daily for signs of eggs or maggots
- trimming hair around rear end if it gets wet/dirty
- maintaining a good high fibre diet which helps to prevent diarrhoea 
- getting treatment for other problems which can prevent the rabbit from looking 
after itself e.g. dental problems, arthritic pain in older rabbits, obesity, urine 

You can also purchase preventative treatment for your rabbit such as Rearguard. This type of preventative treatment for Spring and Summer is included in the rabbit pet health club plan.

Flystrike is a very unpleasant