Blood Donor

Could your pet be a life saver?

Vets use blood transfusions in the treatment of conditions such as anaemia, and in many bone marrow diseases, such as platelet disorders. Transfusions are also vital for replacing blood loss from severe injury, such as a road traffic accident.

It is a sad reality that suitable donors can be hard to find and so blood is not always there when it is needed. For this reason, Vale Vets have created a blood donor register for cats and dogs to promote awareness of pet blood donation, and recruit prospective new blood donors.

Signing your pet up to this register could help save a life.

To be accepted as a blood donor, your pet must be:

  • healthy and fully vaccinated, with no known illness
  • friendly and calm when handled
  • between 1 and 8 years of age
  • a cat or dog who has never travelled abroad
  • a cat weighing over 4kg, or a dog weighing over 25kg Unlike the traditional human blood donation bank which stores blood regardless of current demand, pets on our register will only be contacted and asked to donate at the point blood is needed.

In our Blood Donor Clinic, we will collect a tiny sample of blood from your pet to determine the blood type. Your pet’s details and blood-type will be recorded on our donor list. Should a patient matching your pet’s blood type need a transfusion, you may be contacted and asked, if available, to bring your pet in to make a donation.

If you think you can help please contact our Reception Team on 01453 542092

Blood Donor