The Animal Hospital has a fully equipped dental theatre, which allows us to scale, polish, x-ray and if necessary extract teeth.

Once your pet’s teeth are covered in tartar even regular brushing will not remove it. Tartar is removed using a high frequency ultrasonic de-scaler. Teeth are then polished using a special rotating polisher with paste which smoothes the surface of the teeth slowing the rate at which tartar reforms after treatment. This is a procedure that we routinely carry out on middle aged and older pets. Where there is severe gingivitis, decay or cavities, teeth extraction may be required, using modern dental extraction techniques.

Following dental treatment, this is an ideal time to start cleaning your pet’s teeth at home and taking steps to help prevent tartar reforming. Our clinic nurse is here to give advice and discuss options which are suitable for you and your pet.

Rabbits commonly get dental problems. Diet plays a very important part in keeping the teeth “healthy”. Our vets and nurses can give you advice on diets and dental care for rabbits and other small mammals.

Pets can’t tell their owners when their teeth hurt so it is up to you to help them keep them strong and healthy. An early sign is bad breath. After a scale and polish, our nurses will show you how to clean your pet’s teeth yourself at home.