If your pet is very ill or comes to us for an operation, then you will want to be sure that they are receiving the best possible care while they are with us. We will always try to get your pet back home as soon as possible, but there will be occasions when they are just too poorly or their medication, e.g. if they are on a drip, means they will need to stay at the hospital.

Modern Veterinary Hospital

At Vale Vets, we offer all our patients a modern veterinary hospital with nurses in residence around the clock and our own vets on hand should they be needed. We have separate wards for cats and for dogs, as we believe this much more relaxing for both species.


Our large walk in kennels allow us to make our in-patients as comfortable as possible and, if they are able to walk about, our nurses will take them out into the grounds for regular exercise. You are able to visit your pet if you wish, although this can sometimes be unsettling if they are not ready to go home with you.