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Phone Issues

Posted: 4th July 2020

We are experiencing technical issues with our phone lines this morning. If you have an emergency, please call...
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COVID-19, What are we doing?

Posted: 4th March 2020

Covid-19 or Coronavirus, is a hot topic currently with public health at risk.
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Diet Time!

Posted: 27th January 2020

Did you know that in the UK, 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 4 dogs are overweight? This is a growing problem as many owners think their pet’s weight is fine.
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Alabama Rot (CRGV)

Posted: 22nd January 2020

There have been confirmed 4 cases of cutaneous renal glomerular vasculopathy (often termed CRGV and sometimes known as Alabama Rot).
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Christmas Opening Hours

Posted: 16th December 2019

If you need us over the festive period? Here are Vale Vets seasonal opening hours...
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The Petplan Veterinary Awards 2020

Posted: 13th November 2019

The Petplan Veterinary Awards 2020 are open! Has someone at Vale Vets Animal Hospital gone above and beyond the call of duty to help your pet in need? If so why not nominate them now to help them get recognition for all their hard work…
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Posted: 15th October 2019

We have a limited amount of FELIWAY or ADAPTIL vouchers available... Buy a diffuser or collar and collect your voucher for a free 60ml spray from reception!
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September is Pet Smile Month

Posted: 10th September 2019

September is Pet Smile Month, why not organise a free oral health check for your pet with one of our nurses?
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Facts about microchipping

Posted: 9th September 2019

Today we thought we would give you some facts about microchipping.
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Posted: 27th August 2019

It's nearly the end of the summer holidays, we'd love to see photos of your pet(s) enjoying their summer break.
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The Petplan Veterinary Awards 2019

Posted: 9th January 2019

Has someone at Vale Vets Animal Hospital gone above and beyond the call of duty to help your pet in need? If so why not nominate them now to help them get recognition for all their hard work…
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Halloween Pet Safety Tips…

Posted: 30th October 2018

The sky will grow dark, street lights will glow, pumpkins will be lit and creepy crawlies, ghouls, goblins and Trick or Treaters’ will make their way step by step up your garden path…
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Prepare for Firework Season

Posted: 25th October 2018

Remember, remember fireworks aren’t just in November - How to prepare for the Firework season?
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Posted: 20th October 2018

Dare we say it but Firework Season is not far away and now is the best time to start using various treatments including pheremone plug ins as these can take time to work.
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Small Dog Pet Health Club

Posted: 20th September 2018

Small dog (under 10Kg) - only £12.50 per month. On average customers save £148 in the first year. Monthly cost is based on adult size of the dog.
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Pet Heath Club Rabbit

Posted: 19th August 2018

Health plans that cut the costs of routine care... Vale Vets Pet Health Club isn't just for cats and dogs! Our plans include huge savings for bunnies as well. For just £7.80 you can protect your bunny throughout the year!
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Pet Health Club

Posted: 16th August 2018

Protecting your pet and your pocket. All of our plans include a check-up every 6 months...
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Blue-Green Algae

Posted: 14th August 2018

Please check that water is free of algae and other hazards before you let your pet cool off!
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Cat Health Club

Posted: 1st August 2018

From vaccines, year round parasite treatment and nail clipping, our cat plan has everything they need to stay healthy for just £12.50 a month.
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Taking Your Pet Abroad

Posted: 31st July 2018

As of the year 2000, the Pet Travel Scheme has allowed dogs, cats and ferrets to travel abroad with their owners. The UK accepts Pet Passports from all EU and a selection of non-EU countries, including Iceland, Norway and the Canary Islands.
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Parasite Prevention

Posted: 25th July 2018

Is there anything worse than a persistent itch, which grows more and more unpleasant as you scratch away at it?
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Cheryl the HERO!

Posted: 12th July 2018

This is Cheryl, she is Alison the vet's cat, Cheryl has just donated blood for the first time. She is blood type A and has been rewarded for her donation with treats.
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Say no to Flystrike

Posted: 28th June 2018

Flystrike occurs when a fly lays its eggs on a rabbit’s skin. The eggs hatch within hours and bite their way through the rabbit’s skin proving fatal if not treated quickly.
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Rabbit Awareness Week

Posted: 29th May 2018

Rabbit Awareness Week is approaching (2nd-10th June). We will be offering complimentary check ups for Rabbit owners across this week...
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Top Tick Tips!

Posted: 26th April 2018

What do I do if I find a tick on my dog? Tips for avoiding ticks and How to remove a tick?
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Ideal Home for Rabbit...

Posted: 5th April 2018

Creating the ideal home for your rabbits
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Your rabbit's diet

Posted: 4th April 2018

Food plays a really important part in your rabbit’s health and wellbeing. The wrong diet can cause all sorts of health problems, such as dental issues and obesity.
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Easter Weekend

Posted: 29th March 2018

We hope you have a FABULOUS EASTER, but should you need us for an emergency we have experienced staff on the premises around the clock every day of the year 7 Days a Week 24/7 Easter Weekend Opening Hours...
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Chocolate poisoning in pets

Posted: 28th March 2018

With Easter time around the corner it is important to be aware of the risks that this sweet treat could cause your companion.
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Chocolate: A Kitty Danger

Posted: 28th March 2018

NO amount of chocolate is safe for your cat to eat. Did you know that even the smallest piece of chocolate can make your feline companion very sick!
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Narcissus Poisoning

Posted: 22nd March 2018

Daffodils are toxic to both cats and dogs. The whole plant is toxic, especially the bulbs…
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The cost of owning rabbits

Posted: 20th March 2018

Are you thinking of getting rabbits? It’s a really exciting decision to make but one which takes a lot of consideration to make sure you’re able to meet their welfare needs.
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No Smoking Day

Posted: 14th March 2018

Today (14th March, 2018) is... No Smoking Day !
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Your Cat can be a DONOR HERO!

Posted: 8th March 2018

'Today Len gave blood for the first time, Len belongs to one of our wonderful nurses Kat and she very kindly allowed Len to donate his blood to help another poorly cat.
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Anti-Freeze Poisoning

Posted: 27th February 2018

With below freezing temperatures expected for the rest of this week, please monitor your pets extra closely for signs of anti-freeze toxicity.
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A guide to brushing your dog’s teeth

Posted: 22nd February 2018

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is a great way to keep his gums and teeth healthier and fight gum disease...
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First Aid for Pets

Posted: 20th February 2018

This March Vale Vets 24-hour Animal Hospital are holding a FREE pet first aid training evening
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Alabama Rot

Posted: 20th February 2018

We are aware of recent press reports linking this disease to Vale Vets and wish to clarify the situation...
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Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Posted: 19th February 2018

Did you know that 85% of adult pets have Periodontal disease - But what exactly is it?
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How do dogs develop dental disease?

Posted: 12th February 2018

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is as important as looking after your own. Proper dental care is essential to keep your dog healthy.
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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Posted: 1st February 2018

Here are a few home care tips for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy...
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Avian flu

Posted: 1st February 2018

On the 12th January 2018, avian flu of the H5N6 strain was identified in wild birds in Dorset. Last week, a further outbreak was confirmed in Warwickshire.
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Is your pet itchy or in pain?

Posted: 29th January 2018

...Help is only a light source away!
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Puppy Parties at Vale Vets

Posted: 12th January 2018

...We have so many new puppies that we had another party tonight!
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Responsible Puppy Purchasing

Posted: 10th January 2018

...Do you know where your puppy is coming from?
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Lurking around…

Posted: 28th December 2017

...What's lurking around in the bottom of the cupboard from Christmas!
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It's Christmas Times'

Posted: 19th December 2017

Christmas and New Year opening times Vale Vets
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End of Year Puppy Party!

Posted: 14th December 2017

At our final Puppy Party of the year 2017 it was wonderful to meet Larry, Branston, Halfpint and Luca.
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Christmas tree & pesky needles

Posted: 14th December 2017

Keep an eye out for those pesky Christmas tree needles!
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Congratulating Alison

Posted: 11th December 2017

Please join us in congratulating our vet Alison, she has just passed The BSAVA Postgraduate Certificate in small animal surgery with a Distinction.
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keep your rabbit warm!

Posted: 9th December 2017

Please help keep your rabbit warm, happy and safe from danger during this very cold spell…
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Many thanks!!!

Posted: 30th November 2017

...We were absolutely thrilled to receive these nominations for the Pet Plan Award 2018.
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Anti-Freeze Poisoning

Posted: 27th November 2017

The nights are getting colder which means the risk of anti-freeze toxicity is much higher.
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Small pets

Posted: 2nd November 2017

Fireworks frighten animals: Don’t forget your small furries! Small animals and birds all need to be treated with special care as these animals are easily frightened.
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Microchip Details

Posted: 1st November 2017

Fireworks frighten animals: Please ensure microchip details are up to date
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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Posted: 30th October 2017

It’s important to make sure our pets have a safe and happy Halloween!
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A stressful time for your pet

Posted: 26th October 2017

Pets can go missing for a variety of reasons especially during the Halloween and firework season…
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2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards

Posted: 17th October 2017

Don't forget the 2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards are now open!
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Pet Munchies

Posted: 13th October 2017

We are delighted to announce that Vale Vets Dursley now stock Pet Munchies 100% Natural Pet Treats
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Samu and Suki

Posted: 6th October 2017

These two gorgeous kittens Samu and Suki came to visit us here at Vale Vets– aren’t they adorable!?!
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Ruben to the Rescue...

Posted: 7th July 2017

Just like in human medicine sometimes our four legged friends require blood transfusions and this is exactly what happened yesterday here at Vale Vets 24 hour Animal Hospital
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Join the club!

Posted: 23rd May 2017

We are proud to announce our NEW Pro-Pets Club which saves you money and helps to spread the cost of preventative and routine treatment.
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Dogs die in Hot Cars!

Posted: 22nd May 2017

Ensure your four-legged friend is not shut inside the car and left any time!
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Spring Time Poison Warnings!

Posted: 21st March 2017

...Did you know that quite a few common garden plants are poisonous to your pets?!
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Half Term!!

Posted: 20th February 2017

Half term is here and it's a great time to get out and about with your dog.
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The Benefits Of Neutering

Posted: 17th February 2017

Here at Vale Vets, we believe that it is important to neuter your dog or cat if you are not planning to breed from them.
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