Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

Our nurse clinics are run by Anne Roberts, Dan White & Hannah Blake.

Anne has an interest in puppy & kitten development and weight management and is an Advanced Pet Health Counsellor. Anne runs our puppy parties at Vale and is an Associate Puppy School Tutor advising on puppy development, socialisation and training.

Dan has an interest in animal nutrition and weight management. Dan enjoys dental clinics where he educates about dental disease & oral health. Dan is also our Weight Management Counsellor and is currently studying for his accredited Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition. Dan also would like to undertake further study in Dermatology when he gets time!

Hannah enjoys puppy development and weight management clinics as well as complex anaesthesia that can come with referral surgeries. Hannah mainly works in our referral theatre monitoring anaesthetics. When consulting Hannah enjoys interacting with clients and seeing patients start and finish their journey whether it’s a growing puppy or a referral surgery patient.

General Nurse Clinics

In our general clinics the nurses can give you advice on worming, flea & tick treatments, nutrition, including weighing your pet, behaviour and training and dental care. Just call our reception team to make an appointment.

In addition to the advice clinics, you can book a nurse to:

  • Clip your pets’ nails
  • Administer a 2nd vaccination
  • Measure blood pressure
  • Change wound dressings
  • Express anal glands
  • Implant microchips

There may be a small charge to cover any tests or treatment that is necessary.

Weight Management Clinics

Our clinic nurse team runs free weight clinics for clients struggling with overweight pets. Obesity is likely to lead to secondary health complications such as diabetes, mobility issues and heart disease.

Our clinic nurses can advise you on diet, exercise and routine. We will score your pet’s body condition and calculate the ideal target weight. We can discuss diet and work out amounts for you to feed. The diet we would suggest will help maintain your pet’s muscle mass and encourage fat burning while keeping appetite under control.

Once your pet has started its weight management programme there will be follow up appointments so the nurses can track progress and revaluate feeding amounts to ensure your pet loses weight safely.

Puppy Parties

We endeavour to invite all new puppies to a one-off Puppy Party. They are held in the evening at the Vale Vets’ Animal Hospital, Dursley.

These parties give the opportunity for your puppy and up to two family members to come to the Practice for a positive and fun time with a calm atmosphere and no poking or prodding! We discuss socialisation, training and all sorts of puppy problems, and you get to meet other puppies and their owners. We like puppies to come to Puppy Party after their first vaccination and before they are going out and about.

Harness Fitting Clinics

Our clinic nurses are also specially trained to fit the PerfectFit harness. The design of the PerfectFit harness allows it to fit almost any size and shape of dog. The harness is also fleece lined to protect a dog’s skin from plastic clips and pieces are adjustable for loosening & tightening where needed.

Every dog will benefit from wearing a harness. Harnesses protect your dog’s throat when they pull, and it also allows you to feel more comfortable when walking your dog as you have more control.

If you are interested in getting a harness book an appointment with our clinic nurses. We offer free harness fitting.

Nurse Clinics
Nurse Clinics

Dental Clinics

Our clinic nurses also run a free dental clinic. We can examine your pets’ teeth and give advice on how to improve their oral hygiene. Advice could range from introducing teeth brushing to booking in for a dental procedure.

We can explain & demonstrate how to brush your pets’ teeth and we can also discuss other ways to prevent plaque and tartar build up.

If your pet won’t allow its teeth to be brushed then book an appointment with the nurse to discuss other options to minimise the development of dental disease.

Preventive treatment will reduce the health conditions associated with dental disease such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease.

Senior Pet Clinics

Any dog or cat over the age of 8 years old should receive regular vet or nurse checks to help identify early signs of ageing such as weight gain, dental disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, kidney disease and other medical conditions.

Early detection often allows us to delay the onset of ageing signs, maintain good health and an excellent quality of life well into old age.

There is no charge for the nurse consultation or for weighing your pet but should you in discussion with the nurse feel that further tests, such as a simple urine sample or blood pressure reading would be beneficial, or that your pet should see one of our vets, then there will be a charge.

Diabetes Clinics

These clinics are to help newly or already diagnosed diabetic patients. Dan will go through injecting insulin, diet, exercise, problems to look out for and general care.

We know a diabetes diagnosis can be a stressful time for owners and this clinic is aimed at helping and supporting you and your pet. Dan can also answer questions you may have regarding the condition and treatment.