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Leah Childs

Posted: 4th May 2017

May - Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month

Leah Childs has been at Vale since 2014 & has recently been appointed the role of Head Nurse/Nursing Manager - here she describes in her own words what it means to be a Vet Nurse.

"The job is so diverse; we are anaesthetists, lab technicians, phlebotomists, radiographers, pharmacists, nutritionists, health advisors, receptionists, first aiders & of course nurses to our hospitalised patients. Seeing an animal come into the hospital poorly, scared or in pain & seeing them leave again, all fixed up with a smiley owner is the best! Sometimes, sadly there isn't a happy ending but we know that we have made their stay with us as comfortable as possible & given them all the love and cuddles we can, especially when their owner is unable to. It may not, at times, be the most glamorous job in the world but I can't imagine ever doing anything else!".

Leah Childs