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A Rather Sticky Situation

Posted: 9th August 2017

This little guy is what we believe to be a Vole & was brought in to us at the weekend after being found in someone's garden with a sticky substance covering his mouth & front feet.

Our Vet Emily examined him & managed to remove the substance safely. He was re-hydrated in the hospital & then later released to a nature reserve near the area where he was found.

We are concerned the sticky substance had come from a glue trap which is used to trap mice and rats. Unfortunately the animals get stuck on the glue and cannot escape. These types of traps are inhumane & we believe the RSPCA are trying to get them banned.

If you are having a problem with mice or rats then a more humane trap is advised where they can be captured harmlessly & then set free in another area.

Luckily for this little chap he was brought in by a concerned member of the public so it was a happy ending but for others the fate is often much worse.

A Rather Sticky Situation