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Duck Rescue!

Posted: 15th May 2018

Whilst the bulk of the Veterinary Nurses job involves caring for & treating cats & dogs, they do have to deal with other types of creatures too.

Today Registered Veterinary Nurse Danni had an eventful start to the day this morning when she stumbled across a mother duck & her ducklings standing by the zebra crossing at the bottom of Cabstand in Portishead. This is an extremely busy junction, luckily a helpful member of the public had already started to usher the ducks & keep them off the road. Danni called us at the hospital to ask for assistance from one of her colleagues, so Rosie one of our Veterinary Care Assistants headed out armed with a cat carrier & towel.

Unfortunately 4 ducklings had fallen through a drain cover by the zebra crossing & so the mother duck was in no hurry to leave them. After several attempts to try & catch her it was decided the best action was to scoop up the other ducklings into the box & then save the ones from the drain. Some kind volunteers came to help & managed to remove the drain cover so that the ducklings could be rescued.

The journey then began of leading the mother duck to the Portishead Lake Grounds by getting her to follow Danni & Rosie who had the ducklings, (all 11 of them!!!) in a basket & box. Assisted by the very kind man who was the first person on scene, they guided & encouraged the mother duck to walk all the way to the lake where eventually they were able to release the ducklings back to their mum.

A very happy story that could have had a very different ending if it weren't for the brilliant volunteers who stopped to help; the first man who assisted in taking the ducks to the lake, a mechanic from the Quick Lane Portishead garage & another man who assisted in removing the drain cover to free the four ducklings that had fell.

Last but not least a big thank you to our Nurse Danni & VCA Rosie who have once again proven why Veterinary Nurses & Care Assistants rock!!

Duck Rescue!