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Whiskers Wonky Toe!

Posted: 4th January 2019

Just before Christmas a very handsome cat called Whiskers came in to see our Head Vet Robert.

He was limping, with one of his toes stuck pointing up towards the sky & in quite a lot of pain.

He wouldn't tell us exactly what he had been up to but there was some evidence on him that he may have been having a scrap with another cat!


Under anaesthetic an x-ray was taken and the toe seemed to be dislocated but without any fractures or other injuries.

With some difficulty Robert managed to manipulate the toe back into it's normal position so that Whiskers could go home to spend Christmas with his loving family.

Despite his discomfort he was one of the smoochiest patients we have had in for a while so we thought we would share some pictures of his stay in our animal hospital along with his pointy toe & x-rays!

Whiskers Wonky Toe!
Whiskers Wonky Toe!