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Pet Anxiety Awareness Month

Posted: 12th March 2019

Fear free is an organisation with a mission to prevent & alleviate fear, anxiety, & stress in pets by inspiring & educating the people who care for them. Our vet Cari recently completed the Fear Free course & has been instrumental in providing further training to the rest of our staff in making pets visits to the vets as stress free as possible.

Lots of people avoid routine health checks with their pet because the experience can be stressful for both them & their pet. Something as simple as a claw clip can be terrifying for some animals.

Over the coming weeks we will be providing tips and advice on how you can make the trip to the vets as stress free as possible.

If you want to arrange a consult with Cari or any of our vets or nurses to discuss options available to help reduce your pets stress when he or she comes to the vets please call 01275847400

Pet Anxiety Awareness Month