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Portishead Superstars!

Posted: 8th April 2019

Eight volunteers ventured out yesterday to collect rubbish & recyclables from the roads around Portishead. In two hours they collected 3 full bags of recyclables & 2 full bags of rubbish. Portishead is full of lovely green spaces to walk our pets & enjoy wildlife, but sadly it can also collect litter. Two of our fab Vale Vets team decided to hold a 'Spring Clean' event as part of the Keep Britain Tidy events being held around the UK.

A heart felt thank you to all the volunteers who helped out, Bob Berrick, Sarah Kennedy, Sarah Kendall, Helen Markham, Lucy Markham, Alfie Markham, Ali Twigg, & Emily Gover you are totally awesome!

For more information or if you want to a host a similar event please visit Keep Britain Tidy

Portishead Superstars!

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