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Snake Bite!

Posted: 19th April 2019

This is the lovely Amber snoozing in our kennels. She arrived on Wednesday as an emergency as she was very quiet & had a very swollen sore leg. There was a small puncture wound with purple bruising around. Sophie our Vet suspected an adder bite & she was admitted for fluids, pain relief & medications to reduce the inflammation. Amber is now feeling a lot better & was home in time for the Easter weekend for cuddles with her humans

Adder bites can be very serious. They cause swelling of the affected area which can be life threatening, particularly if a dog is bitten around the face or neck. Adders are the only venomous snake in the UK & tend to wake up in late Spring/early summer when the weather warms up.

If you ever suspect or know that your dog has been bitten by a snake it is worth calling the vet straight away as the faster they are treated, the better the prognosis. Please remember to call your dog to you after an incident to prevent them suffering further bites and leave the snake in peace as they are a protected species in the UK.

Snake Bite!