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Happy Friday

Posted: 7th June 2019

This is Kali who had a ear polyp that was not settling with ear drops & she was getting really stressed with treatment & ended up eating carpet and making herself ill. We ended up placing a feeding tube & once she was better, we removed her ear canal. Unfortunately she then needed eye drops as she had some facial nerve paralysis that has slowly gotten better over 6 weeks. We received a lovely email about her progress this week 

"Looking back we realise just how poorly she was and we are so grateful for all your help, care and support. We’d also like to thank Cari & Rob for their care and expertise & for Rob’s amazing spreadsheet which I couldn’t have done without! I’d also really like to thank Amy for spending a whole afternoon teaching me to do tube feeds, give meds & change dressings - she was so patient!

The fact that Kali is now a healthy, happy and ‘normal’ cat is something we are constantly amazed by & so happy about - we can’t thank you enough. She is a very precious cat and we are so grateful. Her floppy ear is now a special part of her and makes her even more special!"

Happy Friday