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Knots & Matts

Posted: 13th June 2019

Grooming your dog is an essential part of its healthcare. It enables you to check for abnormalities as well as keeping it knot free.

Knots in the hair can turn into matts as shown in this video, & once this happens, it would be near on impossible and extremely unfair on the dog to try and brush it out. Therefore, the best option is to clip the fur off which usually means a much shorter hair cut than the owner was hoping for!

Knots & matts can be really painful. They can pull on the skin as the dog moves as well as cause bruising and contribute to skin infections. It’s also worth noting that because the dog will feel uncomfortable due to the knots, they may develop a fear of being brushed because it hurts.

The main cause of knots is friction e.g. wearing collars/harnesses, scratching etc but it may also be due to moulting, or simply because the coat is not being brushed regularly enough.

Different breeds & coat types require different frequencies of brushing. If you would like further advice on how & when to groom your dog as well as what brushes to use, then Annie our dog groomer at Barks & Bubbles would be happy to help. If you have a puppy we also off dedicated puppy sessions which is a gentle introduction to the grooming environment with lots of cuddles.



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