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This is Mable...

Posted: 8th August 2019

This is Mable a 13 week old Labrador who came in for her first harness.

Cydney our Receptionist fitted her with a Perfect Fit Harness.

Here she is modelling her best ‘good girl’ pose! If you look closely you can see the cutest puppy belly too!

Perfect Fit Harness

These fantastic harnesses offer a modular design allowing a secure fit for almost any size & shape of dog.

These harnesses are actively recommended by many APBC trained behaviourists. They have a snug fit which reassures & relaxes many dogs.

The wide, soft fleece padding eliminates pressure points, rubbing and friction - allowing dogs to walk calmly & naturally as though they are walking off lead.

We are offer a free fitting service by appointment.

Please call for more details.

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This is Mable...