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Euthanasia & Pet Loss


It is difficult to imagine a life without our beloved pets. We like to think that they will always be with us. Sadly we know that this cannot be so and at some point we will have to face, and come to terms with, their death.

We hope our pets will gently pass away in their sleep. It would save us from having to make a very difficult decision. Unfortunately it rarely happens this way and we then have to discuss putting our pet to sleep (euthanasia) with our vet.

Euthanasia, when carried out at the right time, is one of the last acts of kindness we can do for our pets, but for many owners the process is an unknown and therefore frightening prospect. If you would like find out more about what happens please contact Hilary our Bereavement Counsellor who can send you some more information.

Pet Loss Support

The loss of a much-loved pet can have a devastating effect on its owner and family. This can sometimes take people by surprise and leave them feeling unsure about what to do.

Hilary our dedicated Bereavement Counsellor specialises in pet loss support and is here to help.

The death of a pet is no different from the death of a human; the bereavement process is the same. And, surprising as it might sound, for a lot of people it can be even worse than the loss of a human companion. Very few relationships have the unconditional quality of a pet relationship.

Euthanasia & Pet Loss

One-to-one support

The emptiness and huge void that pets leave behind can become unbearable. To help and support people at such a difficult time, Hilary is available for you to talk to, this can be face-to face, over the phone or via email - whatever suits you. This confidential, one-to-one service is here to support owners and help them reach a point where they can live with the loss.

Group support

If you don’t feel comfortable with one-to-one help then you could always come along to the Pet Loss Support Group who meet regularly at the practice. Here you will meet people who have gone through or are going through a bereavement and you can chat informally over a coffee.