Meet Our Team

We are fortunate at Vale Vets to have an amazing team of committed, talented and enthusiastic staff. Here is a brief introduction to the team...



Management Team

Katie Bull Katie Bull
Kay Wheatley Kay Wheatley
Louise Wilcox Louise Wilcox
Robert Hallworth Robert Hallworth

Vet Team

Cari Ewings Cari Ewings
Celine Duquesnoy Celine Duquesnoy
Emily Gover Emily Gover
Olivia Lancaster Olivia Lancaster
Phoebe Norton Phoebe Norton
Pippa Simes Pippa Simes
Robert Hallworth Robert Hallworth
Sara Hillyer Sara Hillyer
Sophie McGill Sophie McGill
Susan Warren-Cox Susan Warren-Cox
Vicky Morton Vicky Morton

Nurse Team

Abbie Tuffin Abbie Tuffin
Amy Woolnough Amy Woolnough
Angela Marshall Angela Marshall
Danni Newport Danni Newport
Jesse Jesse
Kay Wheatley Kay Wheatley
Lauren Bradbury Lauren Bradbury
Liz Burden Liz Burden
Nikki Deane Nikki Deane
Rosie Goodsell Rosie Goodsell

Reception Team

Emily Miller Emily Miller
Emily Wilson Emily Wilson
Hayley Goff Hayley Goff
Hilary Putnam Hilary Putnam
Laura McKee Laura McKee
Louise Wilcox Louise Wilcox
Tessa Brooks Tessa Brooks

Support Staff Team

Abbie Lee Abbie Lee
Bev Knowles Bev Knowles