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Laparoscopic Spays

Posted: 2nd December 2019

Do you have a lively young female dog that you dread having to rest for 10 days after her spay?

We have been offering laparoscopic spays at Vale Vets for the past 4 years & have seen the benefits for these lively dogs that won't let a bit of abdominal surgery keep them from running & leaping through life.

The procedure involves the use of specialised 'keyhole' cameras & instruments, designed to be minimally invasive. The surgery is viewed by the surgeon on a large TV monitor connected to the camera. This gives the surgeon a magnified view of all the internal structures of the abdomen. The incisions are very small so there is less tissue to disrupt & potentially breakdown when healing. The overall result is a faster & more comfortable recovery.

The benefits of key hole spaying are more keenly felt by medium to large breed dogs. Due to equipment limitations, dogs less than 10 kgs are probably still best spayed using the traditional method. We can also offer laparoscopic castration for any male dog with retained testicles.

Laparoscopic Spays