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Grins not Growls!

Posted: 11th June 2019

Summer is here & this often coincides with people acquiring a new dog or puppy; but do your children know how to safely interact with dogs so they don't get bitten?

Children under the age of 9 are far more likely to get bitten than any other age group. It's important to stress that children & dogs must be supervised at all times, but if we can teach the children a little bit about dog behaviour, then both they & the dogs can live happily and more safely, side by side.

That's why we at Vale Vets have been reaching out to local Primary Schools to offer our services & present a talk to the reception & year 1 pupils about dogs.

Our "Grins not Growls" presentation is a complimentary, interactive session teaching children about fearful body language in dogs & how to interact safely around them. The children also get to meet a real dog which often goes down well!

If you would like more information on this service whether you work at a School or think your child's School may be interested, even if it's for the next School year, then please contact us on 01275 847400 to discuss further.

Grins not Growls!