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Weight Management

We have been named by ROYAL CANIN® as an Approved Weight Management Centre as part of a national Programme. We received ‘Centre of Excellence’ status for their management of overweight or obese cats and dogs. All our vets, nurses and receptionists have received bespoke training, providing them with the skills to discuss obesity with clients and encouraging vets, nurses and receptionists to work together to raise awareness and its prevention in pet cats and dogs.

Why is it important?

Our nurse team run free weight clinics for clients struggling with overweight pets. If your pet is even a little overweight it could lead to secondary health complications such as diabetes, mobility issues and heart disease.

Individual plan – no pet is the same!

Before attending the clinic you will be given some homework! There will be a few simple forms to complete, which will help us build up a picture of your pet and their lifestyle. At your first appointment our nurses will talk through the issues regarding weight loss, and will formulate an individual plan to achieve the target weight for your pet.

The journey…

It will require tough love and commitment from everyone in the home, but our dedicated nurse will be there to motivate you every step of the way, as well as give you helpful to tips and suggestions. Your pet may be put on a specialist weight loss food to help reach the target weight safely. You will be able to attend free regular check-ups and weigh-ins, to help keep your pet on track until they reach their ideal weight. Your pet may also need regular exercise as well as nutrition; our qualified veterinary nurses can also advise on exercise plans to help your pet lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Weight Management