Rachel Woodward

Senior Clinic Nurse

Rachel Woodward - Senior Clinic Nurse
Rachel Woodward RVN NCert(SAN) CertNCS(RVNCons) DipNCS(RVNCons) Senior Clinic Nurse

Rachel joined Vale Vets and Referrals in 2016 and has been an RVN for 7 years. Starting as a full-time Veterinary Nurse, rotating through all departments of the hospital, it was during this time, she found her love for nursing clinics. Rachel developed a passion for nutrition and completed her Nurses Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition in 2021.

Now, Rachel works part-time as a consulting nurse with the occasional theatre shift to ensure her skills are kept up to date. She has recently gained her Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Nurse Consulting.

Rachel enjoys getting to know her clients and their pets, many of whom become regulars and she can watch the pets grow over the years. One of the most satisfying parts of her role is running nutritional consultations, particularly the challenge of solving a nutritional conundrum and seeing pets thrive when a problem is solved. 

In February 2024, Rachel joined our senior nursing team as Senior Clinic Nurse. She works hard at ensuring that our nursing client experience is the best it can be. She is always looking for new clinics that we might be able to offer to patients through our nurses. 

At home, Rachel is a mum to two young boys (human!) and two terriers, Wilbur and Betsy. She also volunteers for a local charity run playgroup overseeing their website, social media and fundraising projects. On her days off, she enjoys family days out, camping in her van and knitting!