Pet Wellness Services

We offer a range of rehabilitation services for your pet

Pain Management and Diagnostics

Our team specialise in the management of pain and optimisation of performance in pets and working dogs. Catering for animals with arthritis, agility, sporting or working dogs with injury and any pet recovering from surgery. Advising on fitness, providing training programmes to help prevent injury and aid pets at all stages of life.

With the philosophy to discover the underlying cause of pain and to treat this via a tailored mix of our different therapies and services.

  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Investigation and Treatment of Lameness
  • Rehabilitation after Orthopaedic Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging

Working alongside our veterinary teams allows us the ability to refer patients to our referrals team for assessment and diagnostic investigation using a variety of imaging modalities in order to confirm a diagnosis.

Radiographs (x-rays)

Digital radiography is usually performed under sedation although in some cases general anaesthesia is needed. This is used to diagnose a variety of bone and joint conditions - for example, hip dysplasia and fractures.

CT Scans

The CT scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool. It rapidly takes x rays in slices through an area of tissues which are reconstructed by a computer to produce a detailed three dimension image of the area. Our scanner is a 64-slice, top of the range scanner and takes only minutes to complete a scan. Most scans are performed under sedation, for some general anaesthesia is required. 

The detailed pictures produced allow for more detailed interpretation when compared to a conventional two dimensional x ray and so allows for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

This can be performed without sedation or anaesthesia. It is used for diagnosis of soft tissue injuries such as muscle and tendon disease.

Investigation and Treatment of Lameness

Working collaboratively with our team we are able to achieve both a diagnosis and treatment plan for cases of lameness, stiffness or pain. 

First, a detailed history is taken covering all aspects of your pet’s history and daily activities. 

Gait analysis is then performed which involves watching how an animal moves at a variety of speeds and may involve slow motion video analysis or use of the treadmill. 

A detailed orthopaedic examination is then performed. 

From this, a diagnosis may be made or recommendations for further tests such as advanced imaging. 

We offer a unique ‘one stop shop’ with our different therapists and veterinary clinicians all on site. Often, we find that owners come to us with dogs who have a long term chronic problem that has been treated with several different therapies but where the underlying problem has never been properly diagnosed. Our holistic approach can help find an underlying answer for your pet's lameness or pain and hence formulate a treatment plan. 

Rehabilitation after Orthopaedic Surgery

Post-operative rehabilitation maximises the outcome of surgery. After an injury and surgery there will changes to the body’s proprioceptive system (the awareness of where the body is in space) and to muscle strength and function. We use a range of therapies to help your pet recover well after surgery, reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate healing. 

Post-operative laser therapy can be used to stimulate healing and reduce pain. Physiotherapy and home exercises help to encourage controlled weight bearing and improved limb function. 

With our broad range of therapies, we can tailor a program for your pet’s needs and support you through the rehabilitation process. 

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