What VN Do...

Posted: 6th May 2019

Here's the first of our features on our wonderful nursing team for #whatvnsdo

Name: Natalie

Job: Head Veterinary Nurse

Time qualified: 6 years

What route of study did you take to qualification?


Do you have a favourite aspect of your job or an area of special interest?

Emergency, management, first opinion operations.

What’s the best part of your job?

The team I work with, knowing that every day will be different and you just don’t know whats going to come through the door! What’s the worst part of your job? Euthanasia, sad owners 

What is a typical day in your job?

Ensuring all vets have a nurse, procedures have been set up for, admitting animals for procedures, taking bloods, placing IV cannulas, getting the vets into theatre and starting their ops. Monitoring anaesthesia, speaking to owners, managing the nursing team to include lunch cover. TLC to patients including feeding, grooming, giving kisses  Cleaning and tidying up after the vets! Making sure the surgical areas including prep and kennels are clean and tidy. Ordering stock for the hospital and for patients. Ensuring everyone can leave on time.

What VN Do...