Travelling with your dog

Posted: 29th June 2019

Road trips in the car can be fun for the whole family including your pet. Check out Vale Vets travel tips for keeping your dog happy during car journeys.

Make a stop

Make lots of stops along the way to let your dog stretch their legs, have a drink and some fresh air. Always ensure your dog is on a lead when out of the car

Motion Sickness

This can be caused by anxiety of travelling in the car, which is why it is important to practice travelling in the car and always making journeys fun. If appropriate avoid feeding your dog at least two hours before your journey… This will help reduce nausea when travelling.


Never leave your dog in a vehicle if you are making a stop during your journey. Temperature inside cars rise extremely quickly and cause heat stress, hydration and even death.

Stay Safe

A pet seatbelt or carrier will stop your dog moving around the car, keeping them safe and secure whilst you drive.

Travelling with your dog