Mabel the boxer puppy

Posted: 14th August 2019

Mabel the boxer puppy came in for her second vaccinations yesterday. She enjoyed lots of cuddles whilst she was here.

Vaccinating your cat, dog, puppy or kitten is one of the most important things that you can do as a responsible and caring owner. It will help your pet to live a long and healthy life.

These vaccines provide antibodies against the most common and contagious, life-threatening diseases that your dog or cat may come across during their lifetime. Many of these diseases either have no cure or would involve long, expensive and often unsuccessful treatments for your pet.

Mabel the boxer puppy

Prevention is better than cure. With the Pet Health Club, you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands.

Keep your dog protected with our dog care plan. Kennel cough and routine vaccinations are included in our plan...

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