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Sarah's 40 at 40

My Story

For my 40th year I really wanted to do something a little bit challenging, my wonderful friend Kelly Robinson thought it would be great fun to complete 40 running events in our 40th year! Fun, well i'm not sure it'll be fun but i'm going to give it a damn good go :-)

And I thought what a great opportunity to raise some money for charity, my chosen charities are both Air Ambulances. Just over 7 years ago I had a pretty horrid horse riding accident, I was thrown from my horse in the middle of rural Norfolk. Breaking my left humerus and badly damaging all of the muscles, the East Anglian Air Ambulance were quickly on scene to administer some very strong drugs and transport me safely to Norwich and Norfolk hospital. Without this amazing team my journey to hospital would have been very long and very painful.

Also having previously worked very closely with the Northampton Air Ambulance, I know exactly how much time and effort goes into keeping these aircraft in the air and enabling these amazing teams to keep going. Each mission costs, on average, £3,500.

Every penny counts and will be hugely appreciated :-)

40@40 The Rules

  1. Races: (timed - chip or gun)
  2. Minimum distance 5km
  3. At least 5 x 10km
  4. 1 x sub-60min 10km
  5. At least 1 half marathon (Sarah)
  6. At least 1 multi-event (Kelly)
  7. Max 1 Parkrun per month
  8. Max 2 x Race at your Pace monthly challenges


Sarah's Blog

My challenge started on 5th July my 40th birthday and will run for one year until 4th July 2019. In this time I plan to run 40 different events, ranging from 5k and 10k races to half marathons and a few parkruns thrown in for good measure. Basically as long as it's a timed event i'll do it :-) Planning 40 events over a 52 week period is more difficult than I first thought, I have roughly 32 of the 40 planned so far.

In July I managed a half marathon and 3, 5k races, with August bringing me a two 10k and 2, 5k races. These races are mainly in and around Gloucester and Bristol but in September I will be travelling to Somerset to complete a half marathon. I'm hoping that the sun may have decided to cool down a bit by then as it has made training and races in these temperatures a lot harder than expected.


'I'm busy training for Manchester Marathon at the moment and fitting in some local events too.

Here's an update on my last few events. 

Event #20 of 40@40. Chipping Sodbury Parkrun for Decembers Parkrun. Just a gentle pre holiday run . And that’s halfway now through the 40&40 challenge. Im only 5% into my fundraising so a LONG way to go. 

Event #21 of 40@40 Gloucester 10 mile road race. After not a lot of running in December and a lot of over indulging, that was one of the hardest runs I’ve done in a while. But thanks to my awesome running buddies for signing up last minute to keep me company I made it. Just over halfway through my crazy challenge.  


Event #22 of 40@40. Not really sure what to say about this! It was dark, muddy, cold and in the middle of a forest. My friend lost a shoe, my torch died but at least the wild boar  didn’t get us. If any of my events deserve a donation it’s this one

Event #23 of 40@40. Today I had a change of scene,  January’s Parkrun took me to City of Gloucester, which is a fab Parkrun (I’ll definitely be going back) and then to complete week 4 of marathon training I dropped down onto the canal for another 9 miles. Thank you to all my lovely running friends it is so much easier with you there. The enormity of Manchester Marathon is really starting to kick in now and I’ll be honest I’m  scared oh and  might have purchased a new pair of trainers on the way home oops '


We are very proud of our practice manager Sarah. She's dedicated much of her free time over the last year to completing 40 running events for her 40@40 challenge raising money for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity & East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity. She completed her 39th event on Wednesday in the beautiful British summer weather and has even completed her first marathon. Next week is Sarah's 40th and final event of her challenge, she will continue running though having already entered a marathon taking place next year.

There are also some beautiful handmade blankets for sale in reception with all proceeds going to Sarah's chosen charities. The last batch of blankets sold quickly.

To donate please follow the link

Well done Sarah!

'Sarah has achieved her target of 40@40

...raising an impressive £2068.55 for her chosen charities.

Great Western Air Ambulance invited her to their headquarters to see how the money raised for them is used.

Read more about her year of running Great Western Air Ambulance

Sarah's 40 at 40
Sarah's 40 at 40