Senior Mobility Clinics

Helping pets in and around Dursley feel comfortable again

Keeping your pets comfortable

As for many of us, old age can slowly creep up on us. We walk a little slower to the shop, we take a bit more time getting up from our seat, we no longer can cartwheel across an open a field (could we ever?). This is the same for our pets. Signs of early stages of decreased mobility can go unmissed, and it is not until our pet's mobility has significantly decreased that we may seek advice on how to support them.   

We would like to change this. Our aim is to detect early underlying signs and help our pets move and feel more comfortable again.   

With a full mobility assessment, veterinary examination, diagnostics and a plan, we can work with your pet to build, maintain or improve muscle mass, mobility and management of your pet as they enter their senior years.   

How to get started  

Book your pets mobility assessment with our physiotherapist. This is a 45minute full musculoskeletal mobility and lifestyle assessment. This assessment allows our team to understand your pets' daily activities and quality of life they are wishing to maintain.   

We will also take a blood sample and urine sample to assess kidney and liver function, along with a full veterinary examination to ensure there are no underlying health concerns that need to be considered before your mobility plan is put into place.   

Once all assessments are complete your pets’ bespoke plan will be advised.   

What therapies may be suggested?  

We are fortunate to be able to offer a full suite of therapies. Aswell as physiotherapy additional therapies such a reiki, Bowen therapy, massage and laser therapies can be fantastic at helping a variety of issues from anxiety right through to pain relief and can be used as a form of palliative care. By working closely together, we can ensure you pet receives the support best suited to them.   

We look forward to supporting you and pet through these special years. 

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